Sucking on the Bones

I love the weekend. It is so full of delicious possibilities of lounging around by the pool till the lighting-bugs or our growling tummies send us inside or packing it full of wall to wall activities that leave us crashing in bed early on Sunday for some hulu zoning.The entire week seems to build with pressing anticipation of Friday.

Each day Josh and I find ourselves conspiring on what we will do in the coming weekend. Since our anniversary was on Tuesday we declared this week "anniversary week." (we tend to stretch our birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much every holiday to the point of obnoxiousness around here).

All week we weighed the options of what to do Friday night: dress up and devour a decadent 4,000 calorie meal at Cheesecake Factory followed by going to an overpriced movie in green hills (in-spite of my bitternesstoward movie prices being so high, seeing a flick on the big screen is still one of my FAVORITE THINGS TO DO. EVER!) or picking up take-out Chinese and renting a $1 redbox to fall asleep to.

Let's just say we came up with something much better thanks to our resident chef/Dr. extraordinaire - my older sister Cynthia. She (miraculously) had the day off and suggested she make us dinner. And can I just say....oh. my. word. YUMMY!

Garlic spare ribs+corn+roasted red potatoes+crusty bread+sangiovese = can-this-get-any-better-i-think-not.

Oh wait...it can because we got to use this new serving bowl i got for free thanks to Grandma Michael's basement of treasures!

I've been wanting my mom's garlic spare ribs for 3 years now and never had the guts to try and make them (For some reason cooking ribs frightens me. I'm okay with eating them....but having to see the bones/meat in another...non cooked...form...gives me the heebies.)

Follow that exquisite meal with two of my favorite activities: Baking (carmel glazed pear cake made by yours truly. look out betty crocker!) and a Chris Farley movie and you've got yourself (excuse my french) a pretty kick ass Friday evening.

Tomorrow - adventures abound. poetry class at the library with josh at 10 am (not sure if it will feel like school or be exciting and creative) followed by a hike to get the blood flowing, a picnic and then who knows what the tasty treats the rest of the menu will hold!

I'm feeling really super blessed and really super in love with all the people I get to spend life with. Thank you Jesus for everything that you have showered me with, my husband, my family, my job, my super cute dog (who we hope survives the night because she ate 1/2 a spare rib bone...no kidding it was like 2 inches long and we are really concerned for her saftey...), our cute/cozy condo, and most of all your Holy Spirit. I truly feel like in the last 2 weeks i've gone through some sort of life awakening where I'm seeing all that he has poured out on me with fresh eyes. I'm so happy. I'm realizing that life is a gift. You only get one and this one...this glorious, precious, messy, exciting life..is is mine and I'm going to, as Thoreau once said, "suck the marrow" out of each and every bone...and hopefully survive the night. :)


  1. sounds wonderful, looks delicious, and glad the 4 of you have the fellowship of each other. love you all, aunt debby

  2. I just found this blog entry. I missed it and read the poetry one first.

    I can't tell you the joy it gives me to "be a part" of your life by hearing the lovely details in your blog. :o) It is so hard to connect these days - so I am thankful to know you are well through this venue.

    Cynthia can cook it up!

    I assume Willow is fine (since I haven't heard otherwise).

    Clever blog title. I like it. And, I actually saw someone suck the marrow from the bones once. Two someones: John and Vera Mae Perkins. They were raised in rural, dirt poor Mississippi and when I served them fried chicken - they ate it all - literally except for the knobby ends.