The One Where I'm Planning for a Tractor Pull...yup

Since starting my new Job in May, i've been in preparation for the Tractor Pull that IRON Solutions sponsors in Chapel Hill, TN.

Said Tractor Pull happens this Friday and Saturday. I've been planning vigorously for this pull, and all of our hospitality room details for the past 3 weeks+. Earlier this week I couldn't sleep cause I kept thinking of little details I didn't want to forget. Now i've gotten to the point where I'm bracing myself for some awesome-country-madness. That's the technical term.

Loud Tractor Engines
Lots of sweaty people (forecast is like 95 degrees)
Giving away tons of free t-shirts, hats, key chains, etc.
A full moon (supposed to be Friday night)
a little bit of chaos from time to time
Dirt to be caked on my person at the end of the evening
people to be amazed by the iPad we are using for data capture
at least one kid to freak-out because they didn't get what they want from the face painter
some classic coca-cola
more than one large person wearing spandex and or overalls
potentially some country music from time to time
And of course....Mulletts.

I'm getting my hair cut saturday morning. Maybe I will get a mullet to fit in on Saturday.


  1. take some pictures for the Northwest bulletin board...

  2. please take clever mullet pictures. (remember those?)