Weekend Miscellany

One of me and Josh's favorite restaurants is Boscos Brewery. over the last 3 years here in Nashville we have had some really fun memories there. Brewmasters Dinner with Nate and Jo, Josh's 23rd birthday dinner, Josh surprise 24th birthday party, late night dinner and drinks with friends, Sunday morning brunch seeing Dave Ramsey there, meeting there for lunch when we both worked downtown because it was the perfect in between place , and on and on. This past Friday we made yet again, another memory at Boscos.We met up with our good friend Mike and his girlfriend, Christina who is new to the area, for a late meal. It was a great time of chatting and getting to know the two of them as a couple and not just single mike. :)

Steak Dinner
My parents and littlest sister came to visit this weekend. Last Thursday was Emily's 18th birthday and Saturday was my Dad's brithday so they come on down to Music City for a special celebration. It's so great having them around. There are two major things you can count on when you are around my family. One is that there will be great conversation. My dad being a philosopher and my mother being the wise woman she is always have amazing insight into things and bouncing a discussion/idea off of either of them is always a good time. Layer that with me and my 3 sisters talking over each other getting louder and louder, laughing harder and harder and you are sure to end up with some lively conversation, and a stomach ache from laughing so hard. The other thing you can count on is that you will eat. and you will eat well. Saturday night culminated in a classy steak dinner complete with baked potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob, crusty bread and 8 steaks the sizes of your head. Wash it all down with some carrot cake and ice cream and you have yourself a recipe for being "full as a tick" as my sis-in-law jo-jo would say and "happy as a clam". It was worth it though.
all around deliciousness.

Sunday morning
Worship was amazing. My Hubby preached. I was super proud of Him. God showed up. Nuff said...

PF Changs
The family decided to meet up with working woman and doctor extrodinare, Cynthia for lunch after church since she was one call at the Hospital Sunday morning till Monday afternoon. Cynthia's choice for food was PF Changs. Unlike Boscos, PF Changs has been less than impressive to me over the years. Horrible service and cold food at one in C-bus, and stuck in the mall hallway at one in Indy led me to believe that PF Changs wasn't going to live up to it's reputation of awesomeness. However, this past Sunday changed all that for me. Our server was probably one of the best servers i've ever had and the whole experience from crab wontons and lettuce wrap apps to the dishes we all ended up spontaneously turned to family-style once the plates hit the table to the giant 12 layer chocolate cake dripping in raspberry sauce goodness. My heart has been won over to PF Changs for good now. No good pictures at the actual table, but these ones are keepers.

This is what 30 years of marriage looks like! I'm so thankful for my parents.
Sister love.
Brotherly bonding while despising photos together.
I'm pretty sure I have another photo that looks exactly like this...like wearing the same outfits and everything that was taken a couple years ago at the Causey's house....yup...there it is.
Tour de Hospital
Got to see where Cynthia works after lunch. It's a hospital. No big deal. She saves lives and stuff. I'm pretty amazed at how awesome she is.
Josh taking full advantage of the free soda/coffee offer in the doctors lounge at the hospital. that's my man.

So the whole point of the trip for my family down here this weekend was to surprise lil-sis Emily with a concert to see one of her favorite groups. It was super fun to see her eyes light up and her huge grin when Dad nonchalantly told her what we would be doing Sunday evening. The concert ended up being great. we arrived no less than 2 hours before the performance to ensure we had good seats because it was general admission and there were already people waiting in line to see that boys perform. I say boys because this isn't just your average 18 year olds favorite band performing, this is literally a boys choir from south london. Apparently they have a cult following and they were actually quite good. pure crisp clean voices soaring notes higher than you and I can even imagine. Their voices are angelic and they came out wearing white monk style robes that cover from head to foot. Here's a picture...
Just kidding. Here's one.

Just kidding again. (p.s. I miss paint. the software program from my childhood.) Really though...this is the only picture I got the whole night. They wouldn't let us take pictures during the concert.

Overall, it was a very peaceful and calming experience that I'm so glad I got to be a part of with my family and I'm so glad Josh was able to endure. Love you babe! Check Libera out here.

My adorable dog.
Just for fun - a stoic picture of willow.
She's so freaking cute!

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  1. thanks for the shout out, twice! and the full phrase is "full as a tick on a dog's ear." charming, i know.

  2. Wow. Got a mention in the blog and everything. Exciting. :)

  3. Why, oh why, do the guys loathe picture taking? But, 'tis true. I have pics of Josh, John-Paul and Teddy all sort of grimacing or scowling at me. Michael, however, always smiles broadly. Take a lesson from the young man of the crowd, boys.

  4. Jo - no problem. 49 days. 3 hours and 50 minutes before we leave for France.

    Gustin - You did get a mention. Now you have to become a follower of my blog. Just kidding......But seriously...

    mom- i dunno. they are old and crotchety now. Maybe it's a post 20 thing.