Things I Haven't Done in a While

Long post warning.

This week has been full of things I haven't done in a while.

Often times my evenings are either filled with one of the following
  1. relaxing around the house watching a movie/reading
  2. getting work done (cleaning, laundry, etc.)
  3. hanging out with Josh and all of his buddies till the wee hours of the night. Over the years, his buddies became my buddies and it ended up being just hanging out with our buddies, but it seems to always be ALL guys and me.
Well this past Monday I had a Girls night! I haven't had one of those since college, it seems. It was so much fun! We ate great cheeses. Drank some fabulous wine. Heard some amazing stories from each other and started new friendships. It was all around a fantastic night. I plan on doing this girls gathering at least once a month and pictures will will follow. For some reason this past Monday I only took two pictures and they were a little bit lame considering my impressive spread of snacks and the beautiful girls that were there. Next time I will try a little harder on that one.

Also, this week I picked up my guitar for the first time in about a month. Horrible. I know. Especially for a worship leader and a girl who has the 2010 resolution of writing one song a month. (i have 1.5 done at this point...sigh). All that is beside the point. Fact of the mater is I picked up my guitar, dusted it off (literally...Note to self: invest in the time to cover couches, TV, side, table, DVD stand, and guitar in a sheet next time a ceiling hole is going to be patched and sanded in the general vicinity.) and played. I played for about and hour, otherwise known as till my little weak fingers were at the "indented-barely-can-feel-them-on-the-verge-of-bleeding" state. Even through all that, it was one of the most amazing times of worship I have ever had.

I wasn't planning for it to happen, it just did. Holy Spirit met me. He reminded me of what an amazing friend Jesus is. He reminded me that He loves me and most of all He reminded me that a life submitted to Him and His will will produce fruit and will be good. I found myself saying "Here are my dreams, God. Again. I give them back to you." You see I like to grab them, my dreams that is, back from time to time and while I know he wants to work with my passions and desires, and he wants to work things together for my good, He doesn't like when I get all greedy and don't let him in on my plans. When I try and do it all on my own strength. all in my own power. As John 15:5 says "I am the vine: you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, He will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do NOTHING." (caps added for emphasis - although, I can picture him stressing that last word when he said it. It's a pretty important point to make.)

Another thing i'm doing that I haven't done in a week (plus or minus 6 weeks) is work out. Oh sweat, glorious sweat. I forgot how much I missed you. I forgot how much i missed my race against the digital clock on the machine to burn more calories, or get that .10 of a mile further before time runs out. I miss pushing it super hard as opposed to my more recent leisurely walk-with-willow-pretend-workout. I forgot the feeling of satisfaction I get when I look in the mirror afterwards and see a sweat-stained shirt knowing those sweat stains might as well be calories that I would have been carrying around on my body. I forgot what it is like to barely be able to walk the next day, but actually like it. I forgot much i need new tennis shoes...but that's neither here nor there.

3 times so far this week I have been to the actual gym to busta move on the elliptical. Man does it feel good to get the blood pumping again. It has really been FAR too long and honestly, I was a little surprised that I could still push it hard for 40+ mins. I mean sweat was flying everywhere and my little pale face turned to it's bright tomato-red state (thanks genetics!) and by that point I knew my work was done there...or is it just beginning? Anywhodle...hoping to drag my booty out of bed manana for another round. Lord, give me strength. Literally and metaphorically.

Side bar - I'm planning on adding a fun little signature to the end of each of my posts. be on the look out for that added piece of excitement each and every visit to With All My Heart. :)

Side bar 2 - if you've made it this far reading you deserve a gold medal. message me and I will fashion one for you tonight on my spindel - unless I can guess that crazy dwarfs name - rumplewhat? ok that was weird. it's late. good night.


  1. Where do I pick up my gold medal?

  2. I'll pick up my medal when we arrive on Saturday. Weird I had just looked at your blog about 25 minutes ago to see if you had posted a new one. Then, lo and behold, I see on facebook that you posted a new one about 5 minutes later! Yay.

    Love that you played your guitar and worshiped. Glad you have girls night out. And, good for you for for working out again!

  3. 8:29 is late? LOVE, love, love your blog and promise not to stalk it any more...at least when I can think of something to say. Love you Katherine! and Josh too!

  4. get it girl! sweat is good. i'm inspired! thank you. maybe i'll get up off the couch and have a session with my personal trainer, Tony. :)

  5. Josh - I already gave it to you. Did you not look under the pillow?
    mom - You were reading my mind about needing a new post. You should just Follow my blog and have your blogger send you an e-mail every time a new blog is posted.
    Shawn - So glad you stopped by to say "hi!" It was actually nearly 11 when I posted. Not sure why it says 8:29...
    Jo - Don't be too inspired, I didn't get out of bed this morning. With my new schedule to workout before work seems nearly impossible...the first number on the clock has a 5 on it! Hoping to make it to the gym tonight before our dinner out. :)

  6. Girl, your posts aren't too long... I mean-- have you seen how long winded I get in my blogs : ). Glad to hear you are playing guitar again. : )